THE BEACHES of San Teodoro and surroundings are considered among the most fascinating and suggestive in the world: the most famous is undoubtedly "La Cinta", one of the symbols of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. A breathtaking beach of fine sand that stretches for more than 5 km, with its dunes covered with junipers and the unmistakable arched shape at the top of which the lagoon separates from the sea.

A beach without rocks, a landscape that has remained uncontaminated despite it has many visitors. A low and clear seabed, loved by families, but also by nature lovers for the extraordinary biodiversity and by Kite and Wind surfing lovers, of course in the right seasons.

Going north, you reach the peninsula of Coda Cavallo along whose coasts you meet the wonderful "Cala Brandinchi", known as the "Italian Tahiti" for its crystalline sea framed by a pine forest that surrounds the pristine beach and reachable by car through a path dotted with junipers and fragrant bushes, and the homonymous "Capo Coda Cavallo", from where the look is lost to the Molara and Tavolara island.

Still to the north is "Porto Taverna," famous for the transparency of the emerald-green sea. On the other hand, going from San Teodoro southwards, you will come to the "Isuledda" beach, where the granite coasts sculpted by the wind and the sea are combined with the fragrant and thick vegetation typical of Sardinia.

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