Sardinian Food & Wine

SARDINIAN FOOD AND WINE: a Mediterranean reality among the most tasty and varied in Italy.

As well as the territory where its origins reside, the Sardinian cuisine turns out to be frank, simple, but strong in flavors, characterized by ingredients at the height of genuineness. Sardinia is a land of rural tradition and offers a large number of typical dishes that vary from region to region, things that makes fascinating try always new flavors.

San Teodoro is a good choice of alternatives for those who love good food: from the land to the sea the flavors are unique and unmistakable, but it is certainly in the meat cuisine that you discover the truest Sardinia, made of perfumes, meats and cheeses, in particular goat cheeses. Naturally, also the seafood cuisine boasts some remarkable merits.

With regard to local wines, it is natural to think of the Vermentino, symbol of Gallura, produced from vines that can only be found in this area. Even desserts are influenced by the history of this region, with recipes often contaminated by influences even from far away. An explosion of almonds, amaretti, orange blossom, ricotta, honey and other ingredients wonderfully framed in names that make you want to try them all!

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