SAN TEODORO is located along the north-eastern coast of Sardinia in a geographical area called Gallura, just 25 km far from Olbia and less than an hour from Costa Smeralda.

The territory of San Teodoro is located in the beautiful protected marine area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo, area that extends over 15 thousand hectares of sea and about 40 km of coastline, offering a landscape among the most beautiful on the island. Jagged coasts, picturesque coves, headlands and white sandy beaches from which start guided tours to the beautiful island of Tavolara, the incredible peninsula of Capo Coda Cavallo and many other places from which you can discover the beauty of the coast seen from the sea.

For those who want a holiday “not-only-sea”, San Teodoro remains a unique destination: riding school, flight and diving school, hiking, kite & windsurfing, naturalistic excursions to the pond where the pink flamingos nest…

And then San Teodoro also offers every kind of service: banks, pharmacies, auto-moto-bike rental, supermarkets, discount stores, clothing stores, exquisite craft ice cream parlors, pizzerias, historic restaurants, traditional agriturismo and ittiturismo where to taste Sardinian specialties.

Even the nightlife of San Teodoro offers alternatives for all tastes: shops open until late evening for shopping after dinner, trendy clubs, piano-bars and pubs, music and live shows, as well as the unmissable evening market “Coclearia”, which hosts more than 100 artisan exhibitors and buskers, every year from June to September.

Are you wondering if all this is possible? Yes, all this is San Teodoro!

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